Growth of the global market for energy drinks

Energy drinks are popular nutritional supplements around the world that contain high levels of stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, taurine, ginseng, vitamins, yohimbe, carnitine, and glucuronolactone. They include soft drinks, sports drinks, beverage concentrates, bottled water, carbonated beverages, fruit juice, tea, and instant coffee. Currently, the consumption of these energy drinks has increased significantly among people who do sports or other moderate to heavy physical activities, and because these drinks increase their physical performance, they are extremely welcome.
Many people who do heavy sports for fitness have a great desire to consume these energy drinks, although some expert doctors are against its consumption and recommend its consumption only in special and unique circumstances. they do. Drivers, industrial workers and other employees with hard and demanding jobs are among the other popular groups who consume energy drinks so that they can get the necessary energy and continue their activities with higher physical strength and concentration. According to experts, energy drinks are the most popular supplements among teens and young adults in the United States, along with multivitamins. Most of these drinks are consumed by men between 18 and 34 years old. In fact, it can be said that energy drinks in North America are the most consumed compared to other regions of the world, although research has shown that in recent years, the Asia-Pacific region has surpassed North America due to the growth of incomes and significant population change. It has overtaken and by 2025 it will take the first place in the per capita consumption of energy drinks in the world.

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