Are you familiar with the properties of various herbal essences?

Today, herbal sweats have become one of the most popular beverages for medicinal purposes; So that today there are more than fifty types of plants that after sweating, become a drink with many medical and medicinal uses. Herbal sweats are basically the properties and properties of plants that after combining these two items with water, vegetable sweat is formed. The scent of herbal sweats in some cases calms the nervous system of the body by stimulating nerve receptors. On the other hand, the ingredients of herbal infusions are a solution for many digestive problems. In the following, we will briefly introduce the properties of some herbal infusions. Join us …

Sweat of rose
It has a warm nature and strengthens the brain and nerves. Relieves fainting, weakness and anesthesia and expels phlegm. It hardens the gums and is also biliary.

Mint syrup

It has a warm nature and strengthens the stomach. It is blood-forming, appetizing, relieving heartburn, convulsions and windbreaks. Eliminates hot flashes and hiccups.

Mint syrup

It strengthens the heart and body, it is also a laxative.

Spring orange sweat

It strengthens the heart and nerves. It is anticonvulsant, sedative and anti-hysterical. It cures depression, insomnia and hiccups. By light adrenaline in beta 3 receptors, it breaks down fat and increases the body’s metabolism.

Chicory sweat
It has a cold nature and is temperate. Strengthens the skin, kidneys and liver. It contains vitamin C and purifies the blood. It lowers the heat and opens the arteries. Treats joint pain caused by hot flashes

Thyme sweat

It has a warm nature and treats phlegm, appetite suppressant, airway disinfectant, anticonvulsant and body tonic. Eliminates stomach acidity. Analgesic, relieves bronchitis, asthma, flu, indigestion, gout, sciatica, blood thinner.


It has a mild nature, it is bilious and temperate. Treats jaundice, strengthens the skin and liver. It is a diuretic and excretes phlegm. It purifies the blood and strengthens the gums and prevents bleeding. A mixture of leek, vinegar and honey cleanses the stomach of all feces.


Removes kidney and bladder stones. It cleanses the kidneys and is also useful for pertussis. The nature of this sweat is hot and dry. To remove kidney and bladder stones, take 3 servings and one glass at a time, but for the treatment of other diseases, drink one cup each serving.

Lavender Sweat

It has a warm and dry nature, it is invigorating, it is useful for headaches, migraines and anxiety. It is also soothing and hypnotic. Mixed with honey and vinegar to relieve dizziness, sudden jump in some organs, relief of epilepsy, obsession and forgetfulness.

Spinach sweat

It eliminates anemia and increases iron in the blood.

Eucalyptus sweat

Due to the non-edible nature of the mentioned sweat, its properties should be used in the form of incense, which is the remedy for colds, bronchitis and nasal congestion.

Sweat of chamomile

It has a warm nature and is invigorating. Eliminates painful infections. Regulates menstrual disorders and suppresses testicular and uterine inflammation. It is a wormicide and is useful in treating constipation. It also softens the skin of the body, relieves abdominal pain and bloating, and is an appetizing mosaic.

Cinnamon sweat strengthens the stomach and nerves, it is also anti-fear, obsessive, windbreaker, sedative and astringent. Also, its nature is dry and hot

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